By Ted O'Brien

An Altar Boy is going East is an excellent, humble, and encouraging tale even skeptics can include. The reader is challenged to take a deeper examine japanese and Western philosophy and non secular practice…and into their very own souls.

Author Ted O’Brien, a religious Catholic raised in a small Western Massachusetts city, turns into serious about the excellent tales of Jesus therapeutic the ailing. His trip to find how Jesus healed is defined in pleasing aspect: from the intricacies of growing to be up and coming to phrases with Jesus, the Bible and the opportunity of therapeutic as a true and available ability to navigating the tensions among Catholicism and jap philosophies. We see how Ted discovers, and later embodies, Jesus as healer.

For many Christians, specifically within the West, the recommendation that we'd have anything to profit from japanese teachings may well make us uneasy, or perhaps offended. This thought turns out to contradict conventional Christian philosophy. Ted teaches us to beat our fears and rechannel our power as a therapeutic strength throughout the refined integration of jap and Western religious disciplines. The revelations are startling as cultures collide within the visionary publication, An Altar Boy is going East.

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